Commercial Site Strip Out

Industrial, Commercial, Domestic & Retail Strip Out Services in Newcastle & Hunter Valley

Watson Demolition Newcastle offers a wide range of strip out services to commercial and residential customers across the Newcastle and Hunter region.

With the large-scale remodelling and new construction trend that exists in the local area , strip outs are becoming very common. These services are required when residential, commercial or warehouse redevelopment projects are planned.

We can assist with full range of strip outs for

  •  Shopping centres, schools, hospitals.
  • High rise and industrial strip-outs.
  • Dismantling of warehouses and cool room panelling.
  • Lift car, shaft and machine room removal.
  • Termite damaged wall and framework.
  • Flood affected site remediation.

If your project doesn’t require the complete demolition of the building or structure, an internal demolition or strip out could turn out to be the perfect solution.

A strip out is a highly technical process where buildings are prepared for renovation or restoration. A complete strip out process provides for the safe removal and disposal of any hazardous materials before taking the interior back to the bare bones. Throughout the strip out process, the structure and integrity of the building is simultaneously preserved and retained.

For projects like these, you need a company like, Watson Demolition Newcastle, with the proven experience and expertise to manage the process safely, efficiently and with exceptional attention to detail.

Watson Demolition Newcastle  holds all required demolition licences, Asbestos Removal licence and is fully insured for your piece of mind

Strip Out Services

Commercial Strip Outs

  • End of Lease Strip out
  • Removal of fixtures and fittings
  • Insulation, grid and ceiling removal
  • Wall and partitioning removals
  • Redundant power and data removal
  • Demolition of all non-structural materials
  • Concrete floor grinding
  • Site clean up
  • Proper, approved rubbish disposal

Residential Housing Strip Outs

  • Removal of asbestos
  • Bathroom strip outs
  • Kitchen strip outs
  • laundry & wet area strip outs
  • garage & shed removal
  • Demolish Bricks, Concrete, Timber & Steel Structures
  • Site Clean Up

Warehouse / Factory / Building Strip Outs

  • Interior Building Stripouts
  • Remove Walls & Floors
  • Concrete Floor Removal
  • Site Clean Up
  • Remove Timber & Brick Structures

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